Saturday, March 26, 2011

I have moved

Well since my last blog, I have moved to the beautiful State of Wyoming. Now I'm making more than just wall Rosary's. I have a website so please visit my site to see my work. I'm so glad to have you as a friend and a customer. God bless you today and always. Mel

Saturday, September 5, 2009

For Ashley's Wedding

This one is not for sale. I made this one for my niece Ashley who is getting married in Oct. She wanted a Rosary to carry down the isle with her. She asked me for Peacock colors. Congratulations Danny and Ashley Aunt Mel wishes you both many years of a happy marriage. God Bless you in your journey as a couple. Love Aunt Mel

Payment methods and contact information

I can now take paypal for payments. If you are interested in purchasing a Rosary I can email you instructions on paypal payments, or I take check and money order. Thank you, Mel

If your interested in a Rosary, please email me at

Bed Post Size Aztec Turquoise Rosary

This Turqouise Aztec design bedpost or wall Rosary is 2 ft 2" It is made of turquoise resin beads with a black metal cross. I think it would look nice on a bedpost or it can be hung on a wall.
30.00 dollars includes shipping and handling.
I now take Paypal for payments!

Large Wall Rosary With Candle Holder

Large Wall Rosary, with a candle holder center piece.
This wall Rosary has dark Hail Mary beads and light oak Our Father beads. The candle centerpiece is made of iron black in color. It has a scrolled metal black cross with a brown ceramic cross center. This Rosary takes extra hardware to hang. I recommend always hanging the heavier peices by the center first. It is a heavy made wall Rosary. (candle not included)
100.00 dollars includes Priority shipping. God Bless you, Mel

Christ the King wall Rosary

Christ the King wall Rosary Beads.

This wall Rosary is 3 ft 7". The Hail Mary and Our Father Beads are made from various shades of Ivory wood beads. It is strung with white braided cord and the crown and cross are made of metal wire coated with golden glitter and pearls for accenting.

65.00 dollars which includes priority shipping.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Catholic Community

Please visit our website where you can learn about our Catholic beiliefs and feel free to join in with our discussions and groups. You do not have to be Catholic to join our site, it is open to all. God Bless you, Melodie

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I think my husband Don and daugther Brandi were a little more excited about this than I was, and I was elated. I have been entering into the Arkansas Catholic photo contest for two years now. Last year I won second place, but this year I took both first and third. On the 2010 cover of the Arkansas Catholic Diocese Directory my photo will appear. This is the actual photo that will appear on the cover, it is The Marylake Carmelite Monastery in Little Rock Arkansas. My daugther being a professional wedding photographer herself was beside herself. To see her work you can go to My friend Laura from NY said I was famous because when she typed in google of Catholic photos my photo came up. You can view Laura's beautiful jewelry making and hand Rosary beads at her blog spot at I hope you enjoy our blogs and gift stores. God Bless America, the land of the Free and home of the Brave and God Bless you.

Rustic Wall Rosary
This Rustic Wall Rosary is made of 1 inch oak Hail Mary beads, and 1 inch Dark Our Father beads. It is strung with black cord and the center piece is made of Heavy metal as well as the cross. The total length of the Wall Rosary is 4ft 4in. This is a very heavy made wall Rosary. Please use quality hardware to hang it. Total cost including shipping is $85.00.

Aztec Design Wall Rosary
This wall Rosary is made from Dark reddish brown resin beads oblong in shape, The Our Father beads are made of goldtone round it is strung with jute rope and has a jeweled Cross. Total length is 3ft1/2 in. $50.00 includes shipping.

Scrolled Ivory Wall Rosary
This is a smaller Wall Rosary with 1/2 inch ivory Hail Mary beads, it has gold crosses painted on the Our Father beads. The cross is made of scrolled metal with a ceramic ivory cross attached to the metal. It is strung with parachute cord tan in color. The total length of the Rosary is 2ft9in. Total cost including shipping is $45.00.

Blue Scroll Wall Rosary
This Wall Rosary is made of dark wooden Hail Mary beads, with ivory colored Our Father beads, it is strung with a black braided cord and has a scrolled metal Cross with a blue and ivory cross center. This Rosary is 3ft 3in long. Total cost including shipping is $65.00.

Mission Wall Rosary
This wall Rosary is made from oak Hail Mary Beads, Mission colored Our Father Beads and a ceramic bronze cross. It is strung with jute rope. This wall Rosary is 2ft8in. Total cost including shipping is $50.00.

Faith Wall Rosary
This wall Rosary is made of Ivory Hail Mary beads, and dark wood Our Father beads, it is strung with green rope and has a large ceramic cross on it that has the word Faith inscripted. This Rosary is 3ft9in. Including shipping $65.00.

Yellow Flower Wall Rosary
This Wall Rosary is made of Ivory and Oak Hail Mary Beads, and Dark Our Father Beads. It is strung with a green cord and has a stained glass plexiglass Cross with gold metal scroll work and a golden yellow flower with a red center. This Rosary is 3ft 3in long. Total cost including shipping is $50.00.

Jeweled Cross Wall Rosary
The Hail Mary beads are ivory wood beads, the Our Father beads are made from dark wood beads, strung through with jute tan rope with a Red and Gold Jeweled tone cross with crystals and a pearl center. The total length is 2ft61/2in.
Total cost including shipping is $45.00

As I was thumbing through quite a few Catholic catalogs I noticed there were not many wall Rosarys on the market. I wanted a wall Rosary myself so after learning a certain method of making Rosarys. I started to make wall Rosarys. I try and keep them all unique and something different with each one. I hope you enjoy my style of Wall Rosarys to bless your home. As I make these wall Rosarys I pray for the most part the Rosary while making it. If you want a wall Rosary blessed please take it to your local Priest and have it blessed for your home. I hope you enjoy my artwork for God. God Bless, Mel